Lifestyle medicine association

in Lithuania

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About us

Our aim:

Lifestyle medicine association aim is to bring together lifestyle medicine and other healthcare specialists to work together in a group in order to help protect and enhance individual and public health by reducing patients consumption of medications and other standard medical services by adjusting patients lifestyle habits.


In order to accomplish this, we have set goals:

1. To help members of the association to spread general public knowledge of the actual causes of chronic diseases to their patients and the whole community.

2. To help eliminate the causes of chronic diseases and improve patients health by changing their lifestyle and the environment, they live in.

3. To show patients and the whole society the possibility of recovering from chronic diseases without medication and medical manipulation only by enhancing their health…

4. To help members of the association disseminate the knowledge and practical skills, that are necessary to adjust their diet, physical activity and psycho-emotional balance support to their patients and society.

5. To encourage the government and employers to rationalize their allocations for personal and public health care.

6. To encourage doctors and other health specialists to develop their competencies in lifestyle medicine. To help them become lifestyle medicine professionals.

7. To cooperate with certified lifestyle medicine specialists and their knowledge on lifestyle medicine in the country and other foreign countries, and private educational institution

8. To provide the opportunities for association members to participate in clinical and theoretical research in the field of lifestyle medicine.

9.To contribute in setting of lifestyle medicine’s science and practice standarts, that are worldwide.

10. To promote practical clinical and scientific cooperation between domestic and foreign lifestyle medicine professionals.

We invite you to become one the member of this association:

To this organization we invite doctors and nurses of all specialties, public health, complementary and alternative medicine specialists and other nutritionists or diatologists with university education, physiotherapists, kinesiologists, psychotherapists, psychologists and others who are interested in healthy living and are actively seeking to collaborate in the development and implementation of a new field of medicine – lifestyle medicine.