Curricular in Lithuania

Lifestyle Medicine Studies in Lithuania

The first Europen Lifestyle Medical studies are organized in Lithuania. The new medical concept – Lifestyle Medicine – has been rapidly developing in the world over the last decade. This field of medicine is based on the latest scientific biomedical facts that combines the achievements of public health, psychology, social work and natural medicine in order to create a motivational system that encourages people to choose a healthier lifestyle. The essence of lifestyle medicine is to prevent, arrest and reverse chronic disease, which to 80% can be attributed to inhealthy lifestyles. To achieve this goal, the main focus is the development and implementation of comprehensive programs for individual and public life skills. The 4 pillars of lifestyle medicine are nourishment, movement, resilience (sleep, stress) and connectedness (social and spiritual).

Studies in Lithuania University of Health Sciences

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) in 2016 started one of the first European International Lifestyle Medicine Studies to acquire a biomedical master’s degree. Studies are organised in Lithuanian and English languages. Students have the opportunity to study a large part of study materials on a remote basis. When this opportunity arose, it was decided to invite well-known professors and lecturers from Western countries to contribute. It is very important that after completing these studies, medical specialists can apply their knowledge not only in treatment and rehabilitation institutions of our country but also abroad. Read more

Studies in Klaipėdos university

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Studies in Vilniaus university

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