We are participating in a very interesting international project!

5 countries: Italy, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Greece, Romania will design and prepare proposals and trainers for 2 years to encourage enthusiastic women to participate in physical activity programs – the project is called “Women’s Hurdles”.

We want to rejoice that our Lithuanian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (GBMA) together with the Public Institution “Guild of Independent Creators” represent Lithuania in this project.

The “Independent Developers Guild” is actively involved in the preparation and implementation of various projects, works in the field of public relations, mobilizes independent developers. Meanwhile, the focus of our activity, the Lithuanian Society of Lifestyle Medicine, is the development of physical activity, nutrition, mental health promotion programs, and healthy lifestyle training. We hope that by cooperating and sharing experiences with each other, we will achieve great results, which we will definitely share with you.

Women (men, too), follow us, because nowhere else will you learn so much how to creatively organize your time, break the norms of society, live the way you want, but most importantly – PHYSICALLY ACTIVE and OTHERWISE.

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