Lifestyle Medicine

What is lifestyle medicine?

The rapidly expanding global epidemic of chronic non-communicable diseases are forcing health care professionals to take a fresh look at health security issues and start looking for new interdisciplinary options for medical practice, that would be more effective.

A few years ago, a group of global health leaders living in the United States began to promote a new field of medicine called lifestyle medicine. Based on medical research, this new field of health care combines standard clinical medical practice, post-emergency rehabilitation, public health care, complementary and alternative medicine, and also biological, sociological and ecological science, and other scientific disciplines, that are closely related to humans’ life.

Lifestyle medicine opens the door to an original look at the causes of chronic non-infectious diseases and clinical practice in the prevention, prevention, reversal and treatment of these conditions.

Lifestyle medicine encourages patients to actively make different kind of lifestyle changes that are geared towards activating their body’s bioimmune system. Here the patient is actively educated on the origins and course of his illness, thereby encouraging him to deliberately engage in the prevention and treatment of chronic illness by making changes in his life. to The goal is to help the patient adjust his dietary habits, increase physical activity, enhance stress management skills and gain knowledge on understanding the impact of social status and the environment on his own health. The aim is to realize these diseases more effectively and to stop their progression when the symptoms of the disease occur, and to treat those that have no adverse effects on the body.

       Lifestyle medicine is a major form of body strengthening and prophylaxis of chronic diseases, and auxiliary forms of treatment of these diseases, which combines the best aspects of personal and public health with other aspects of clinical and theoretical medicine. It stems from the origins of the old traditional medical philosophy, which can be reduced to 6 + 1 main postulates:

1.“Vis Medicatrix Naturae(Hippocratis) The Healing Power of Nature.

2.Primum Non Nocere” – First do no harm.

3.“Tolle Totem”- Treat the whole person.

4.“Tolle Causam”- Identify and treat the cause.

5.“Prevention”- Prevention is better than cure.

6.Docere”- Patients should be educated to take self-responsibility for their own health. The Doctor as Teacher.