Lifestyle Medicine Association

in Lithuania

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About us

Our Purpose:

Lifestyle medicine association in Lithuania – is a society of medical professionals which is founded to stop the spread of the epidemic of chronic non-infectious disease in Lithuania and around the world. We invite doctors and nurses from all specialties, public health, complementary and alternative medicine and other health care professionals who have completed university studies (nutritionists, physiotherapists, psychotherapists, psychologists and etc. and who are interested in healthy lifestyle to become members of our association , and to actively cooperate in creating and introducing the new field of lifestyle medicine into clinical practice.

We are here to:

  • Stop the global spread of the epidemic of chronic non-infectious diseases and by adjusting lifestyle, reduce the incidence of this pathology.
  • Give the patient the opportunity to change lifestyle and incorrect eating habits.
  • Reduce healthcare costs nationwide and globally.
    Educate interested physicians, health and allied health professionals.
  • Establish common standards for lifestyle medicine around the world.
  • Differentiate between the evidence based LM professionals and the non-evidence based LM practitioners.
  • Establish and maintain an international comparative medical standard for lifestyle.
  • Certify the level of medical knowledge of lifestyle in collaboration with regional Lifestyle Medicine organizations and thus provide health professionals with a worldwide recognized certification.